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US Detects 13,517 Confirmed Monkeypox Cases


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the total Monkeypox cases in the US surpassed 13,517 cases, media agencies reported on Thursday.

The official statement on the CDC that the New York recorded the biggest number of the confirmed Monkeypox cases by 2,675, followed by California by 2356, Florida by 1,346, and Georgia by 1.033.

Previously, US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) approved the Jynneos vaccine for emergency use for people who are above 18 years and who are at a high risk of Monkeypox.

The authorization from FDA approval for the vaccine will allow individuals to receive the vaccine by subcutaneous injection if they are at a high risk of the virus.

FDA said in its statement: “In recent weeks the Monkeypox virus has continued to spread at a rate that has made it clear our current vaccine supply will not meet the current demand.”

Last month, the US announced that the authorities will distribute more than 144,000 doses of the Jynneos vaccine that showed efficiency against Monkeypox amid the recent spike of the virus.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) expressed in a statement that the shipping of the doses will begin next week.

The concerned health authorities distributed more than 41,000 doses of the vaccine since the virus emerged nationwide in May.

The vaccines will be sent first to the states that see high emergence of the virus and cases that could be at risk.

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