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"Oscar: The Return of The Mammoth" Gets Trailer

Sat 04 May 2024 | 02:35 PM
Ahmed Salah Hosny
Ahmed Salah Hosny
Yara Sameh

The official trailer for the Egyptian Sci-Fi epic film “Oscar: The Return of The Mammoth” has been unveiled.

The cast also includes Ahmed Salah Hosny, Hanady Mehanna, Mohamed Tharwat, and more.

The pic hails from director Hesham El-Rashidy and scriptwriters Mustafa Askar and Hamed Al-Sharab.

It marks Hosny's first lead role in a film as well as his comeback to the big screen after four years of absence. He made his last onscreen appearance in the 2019 film “Al Mamar” (The Passage), which made a comeback for war films in the Egyptian cinema after an absence of 20 years or more.

هنادي مهنا وأحمد صلاح حسني ومحمد ثروت

“Oscar: The Return of The Mammoth” is centered around a mission of reviving the mammoth in a number of foreign countries, but as fate has it, the plane carrying the creature falls in Egypt.

It is produced by Trend, which had previously participated in many Hollywood movies and TV shows, including the series “The Boys” and the movie “Lullaby.”

A huge and unprecedented budget has been allocated for the production as well as providing the latest technologies in the field of graphics, which features a large amount of graphics that has never been seen before in any cinematic production in the Middle East.

“Oscar: The Return of The Mammoth” is set to debut sometime later in 2024.

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Salah Hosny was last seen in the TV series "Raheel" (Departure).

The cast also includes Yasmine Sabri, Samaa Ibrahem, Ahmad Seyam, Ezzat Zain, and more.

It is scripted by Mohamed Abdel Moati, directed by Ibrahim Fakhr, and produced by Phenomena Media Production.

The series marks the third collaboration between Sabri and Abdel Moati after working on 2019’s "Hekayti" and 2016’s "Al-Ostora".

"Raheel" consisted of 15 episodes and was screened during the Ramadan 2024 drama marathon.

Hosny, born on 11 July 1979, started as a soccer player in the Al Ahly club. In 2008, he retired from soccer and started composing music for singers like Mohamed Hamaqy and Amr Dia. 

In 2012, he made his acting debut in the TV series "Sharbat Loaz". 

His TV credits also include "Taht El-Ard"," Al-Sayyeda Al-Oula", "Afaret Adly Allam", "Kalabsh 2", "Awalem Khafeya", "L'akher Nafas", "Hekayti", "Khatem Al Nemr", "Al-Fetewa", "Covid- 25", "El Dayra", and "Al Kateba 101".