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Mike Tyson, Jake Paul Holds Joint Press Conference Ahead with Fight

Tue 14 May 2024 | 10:55 AM
Rana Atef

For the first time since challenging each other, Mike Tyson and Jake Paul came face to face on Tuesday.

Inside the Apollo Theater, Tyson and Paul held a joint press conference before their July 20 boxing match that will stream on Netflix.

The fighters expressed respect and admiration for each other. 

Paul said to Tyson: “Yeah, look, they call him ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson,” adding:  “but I'm titanium Jake Paul.”

And this: “I'm going to show Mike who has more power.”

Tyson said he’s “doing great” but admitted without a hint of irony that his “body is (expletive) right now.”

Tyson faced some criticism for taking on this fight despite his age, therefore there were some concerns over his fitness and conditioning.

“I’m really sore,” he added. “I wish (I was playing possum).”

Tyson in 2005, though he recently fought in November 2020 in an exhibition with Roy Jones Jr. 

“Hey, this seems like it’s going to be pretty fun,” he said. “Maybe we’ll do it again, too.”