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Micale: U-23 AFCON Final Against Morroco Would Be Competitive Game

Fri 07 Jul 2023 | 05:50 PM
Micale, Courtesy: EFA
Micale, Courtesy: EFA
Rana Atef

Rogério Micale, the Coach of the Egypt U-23 football team, said, Friday, that tomorrow's final won't be an easy game, however, the Egyptian team are looking forward to capturing the victory for the Egyptian people.

Micale added, during the press conference before the U-23 AFCON final, that facing Morroco will be a competitive game, but, the Egyptian team are promising and can make it.

The Brazilian coach congratulated Morocco on the great organization of the tournament and thanked the country, and its people for their warm welcome.

He highlighted that tomorrow's game will be a real celebration as both teams include talented and highly skilled players which reflect the high rank of both teams regionally.

Egypt will face Morocco in the final of the U-23 Africa Cup of Nations (U-23 AFCON) tomorrow.

Both teams officially qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games as the holders of the first three places of the African tournament advance to the Olympic Games directly, while the fourth would play against the fourth of the Asian tournament to capture the final ticket to Paris.