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Marsa Alam Int’l Airport to Receive 105 Int’l Flights This Week

Sat 04 Jun 2022 | 09:15 AM
Rana Atef

Marsa Alam International Airport will receive 105 international flights this week from 12 European countries, media agencies reported on Saturday.

The schedule revealed that the rates of receiving flights from Austria and Slovakia reach three weekly trips for each.

Furthermore, it is expected that the airport will receive 98 international trips: three from Belgium, 15 from Italy, 16 from Germany, 21 from Poland, 30 from the Chez Republic, one from France and Romania, and three from each Slovakia and Austria.

It is worthy to mention, that the city of Marsa Alam south of the Red Sea was set to receive about 15,000 European tourists last week.

Operating schedules for arrival traffic at Marsa Alam International Airport revealed that the airport will receive 98 international European flights from Saturday until Friday.

These include the first Slovak tourist flight to the city, with 11 European countries organizing trips to Marsa Alam.

The airport will welcome the arrival of three flights from Belgium, five flights from the Netherlands, 17 Italian flights, and 16 flights from Germany.

The airport will receive the largest number of flights during the current week from Czech airports, with 29 flights, 21 flights from Poland, three from Switzerland, a flight from France, another from Luxembourg Airport and another from Romania.

The tourist movement coming to the Marsa Alam also witnessed an increase in the number of flights coming from Italy.

The total confirmed flights coming from Italian airports starting this week reached about 17 flights, and the number of flights coming from Poland and the Czech Republic increased.

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