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Hamilton Breaks Another Schumacher Record, Wins 7th F1 Title

Mon 16 Nov 2020 | 09:17 AM
Mohammad Elzoheiry

British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton achieved a historic achievement after being crowned world champion in the Formula 1 races for the seventh time in his career, equalling the number of German legend Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton achieved this historic record after winning first place in the Turkish Grand Prix at the wet and slippery Istanbul Park circuit, Sunday.

The English man has equalled Michael Schumacher's titles' achievement, after already surpassing the German's number of race wins last month.

Once out of the car, he said: "Seven is just unimaginable but when you work with such a great group of people and you really trust each other, there is just no end to what you can do together," as quoted by BBC.

"I feel like I'm only just getting started, it's really weird."

"I can't find the right words," said Hamilton, who cried as he crossed the finish line. "What I have achieved goes beyond all my dreams."

Hamilton was crowned champion with McLaren in 2008, then with Mercedes in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019, before adding the seventh title Sunday with Mercedes.

In addition to equalling Schumacher's record in the number of world titles, Hamilton holds many other records, most notably the number of victories (94 wins), the number of ascents to crowning podiums (163 times), and winning head starts at the beginning of races (97 times).