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FIFA Announces Egypt 5th FIFA Series Host

Mon 18 Mar 2024 | 07:44 PM
Egypt National Team, 2024
Egypt National Team, 2024
Rana Atef

On Monday, FIFA announced that Egypt is included among the hosts of the FIFA Series friendly tournaments.

FIFA said on the website: "Egypt has been announced as a FIFA Series host with this year’s pilot phase expanded to an additional four teams.

With Cairo as the host city, Croatia, Egypt, Tunisia and New Zealand will compete in international friendlies during the 22-26 March 2024 window."

The FIFA Series are friendly matches that will be contested by national teams from different confederations, who do not normally have the opportunity to play each other.

The 2024 FIFA Series tournaments are as follows:

FIFA Series: Algeria

Algeria (CAF)

Andorra (UEFA)

Bolivia (CONMEBOL)

South Africa (CAF)

FIFA Series: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan (UEFA)

Bulgaria (UEFA)

Mongolia (AFC)

Tanzania (CAF)

FIFA Series: Egypt

Croatia (UEFA)

Egypt (CAF)

Tunisia (CAF)

New Zealand (OFC)

FIFA Series: Saudi Arabia A

Cabo Verde (CAF)

Cambodia (AFC)

Equatorial Guinea (CAF)

Guyana (Concacaf)

FIFA Series: Saudi Arabia B

Bermuda (Concacaf)

Brunei Darussalam (AFC)

Guinea (CAF)

Vanuatu (OFC)

FIFA Series: Sri Lanka

Bhutan (AFC)

Central African Republic (CAF)

Papua New Guinea (OFC)

Sri Lanka (AFC)