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Diaz After Representing Morocco: 'Fully Committed to Giving all on Field to Make Morocco proud

Mon 18 Mar 2024 | 11:25 PM
Brahim Diaz
Brahim Diaz
Rana Atef

On Monday, the Moroccan sports channel "Al Riyadiyah" had an interview with Real Madrid star Brahim Diaz after choosing to represent Morocco, instead of Spain.

During the interview, Diaz thanked King Mohamed VI of Morocco for his support for Diaz family, adding it is a great honor for him to represent Morocco with the national football team.

He also promised the Moroccan people to make them proud.

Diaz said: "First of all ,I thank His Majesty the King and the federation for this warm welcome. I'm really proud for all what you're doing and I'm determined to achieve significant milestones to further elevate Morocco. Now, I am fully committed to giving my all on the field to make the entire nation proud. You can see on my face how happy I am, and I will express my gratitude on the field for all the support and pride."

Real Madrid star was officially enlisted in the lineup of the Atlas Lions for Angola, and Mauritania friendlies during the March international break.