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Ahmed Fattouh Responds to Accusations after Zamalek Announces Suspending Midfielder

Fri 06 Jan 2023 | 04:35 AM
Taarek Refaat

Zamalek Sports Club decided to suspend both Ahmed Fattouh and Abdullah Gomaa, the white Knights defense duo, and refer them for investigation, and conduct special analyzes for them tomorrow, for reasons that the club will not disclose, confirming that they did not contract coronavirus, while offering them for sale.

This came after a draw against the El Dakhlia SC in the match that brought them together on Thursday; as part of the 12th round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

The board of directors also decided to impose a fine on all players by deducting 20% of the value of the players’ dues, while stopping all dues indefinitely.

The Zamalek team tied with El Dakhlia with a goal for each team, to raise their points to 25 points, occupying second place.

Fattouh stressed, during statements, that he adores Zamalek and endured a lot for the club in difficult circumstances, and did not arouse any crises.

"My contract with Zamalek is still ongoing, and I did not threaten to play for Al-Ahly club, as was reported, and I am ready to do anything for the sake of Zamalek, but there are people trying to tarnish my image, and I do not know the reason," denying statement made by Mortada Mansour, head of the club.

"I suffered from a fever before the match, and coach Ferreira was the one who requested me to rest during the match due to fatigue."

The left midfielder: was absent from the match today, which prompted Mansour announce that the player was the one who escaped from the match due to the detection of doping, saying 'I have players in the club, who smoke Hash, and make affairs'.

Mortada Mansour, the club’s president, said in statements on the Zamalek Club channel that he decided to transfer Fattouh to the investigation and stop him from participating in training and matches because of his evasion from the match and the latter’s threat to move to Al-Ahly club and depart from the team.