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4 Best Winter Destinations in Egypt

Thu 27 Oct 2022 | 03:34 PM
Ahmed Emam

Egypt is a great place to visit in the winter because of its beautiful weather, exciting winter activities, and attractive sites. It is also well-known for its deep-rooted civilization, and its natural beauty. A beauty embellished with lush landscapes, shining waters, Narcissus scent, and sea breezes.

Depending on whether you want to rest or practice adventure activities, here’s Sada Elbald English (See) guide to the best winter destinations in Egypt


Asawn is a place where you can please your eyes with the magical sunsets, white colored houses carved into cliffs, the crowded souvenir stores and bazzars, and finally the smell of fresh spices, sweets, and Shisha bongs.

Passing by Drwa city, you will feel the Nubian vibes by having a cup of tea with fresh mint while sitting on a handcrafted Nubian carpet.

In Aswan, the winter average daily high temperatures are level around 77°F and it is overcast or mostly cloudy about 21% of the time.


Winter in is not very cold, but you might need a colorful handmade Galabia, a traditional cotton-based fabric, to keep your body warmish.

You may want to wander into the narrow alleys of its temples and discover the ancient history of Egyptian civilization, and its ancient fascinating architecture.

Siwa Lagoons

Located in the western desert, and about 600 km from the capital city of Cairo, the Siwa lagoons are the western Sahara's largest natural salt pools. The water is warm and very similar to the Dead Sea in Jordan. You will effortlessly float.

It's a popular day trip from Mattrouh coastal city, and one that shouldn't be missed by photographers — the surreal scenery offers the perfect opportunity for otherworldly shots. Moreover, it’s an ideal place to come to enjoy the silence and isolated vibes!

One of the most popular sightseeing trips from the Siwa lagoons is a journey to the Siwa's oasis and its palm lands, which owe their fertile land to vast underground water deposits tapped through a series of wells.

Visitors can also book more trips for as long as they are comfortable with, including facilities inside the natural reserve for those who would like to stay overnight.

Ain Sukhna

If you want to go for a swim, but feel that it’s too cold in your country, fret not, Egypt has a wide selection of areas where you can still take a dip into the sea, and enjoy the weather, one of those places is Ain Sukhna.

There are many affordable resorts, which will offer front row seats to the Red Sea and Suez Gulf, something that you can do in the morning, then head on over to the Porto Sukhna at night for some entertainment, or even dance the night away.

Any time is an excellent opportunity to visit this charming Red Sea destination privileged by nature because you will find parties, festivals, and sporting tournaments throughout the year. 

Imagine spending the winter in Sukhna's Galala resorts and fill your mind with thoughts of warm sunshine, lush palm trees, and fresh orange juices on the beach; a radically different picture from that of winter in most other places.