Uber Launches Quiet Mode Feature for Riders

Uber announced on Tuesday, ‘Quiet Mode’ feature for riders who prefer not to have a conversation with their driver.

The new feature makes riders to ask for more time before getting into the car in order to avoid late fees and to let the driver know if they have luggage.

Uber explained that the changes have been implemented to help provide riders with the best possible experience.

Uber Black and Uber Black SUV offer riders the option to ride in higher-end vehicles and are more expensive than the other ride-sharing options such as Uber X and Uber Pool. Uber Black costs 100 percent more than Uber X and 200 percent more than the Uber Pool.

All riders have to do is click either “Quiet preferred” or “Happy to chat” in the ride preferences section of the app after requesting a car.

The firm was launched in March 2009 in San Francisco، CA. The company went live with its first ride in May 2010.

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