Temple of Ramesseum.. Pharaonic Architectural Masterpiece

By: Ahmed Yasser

CAIRO, Dec.17 (SEE)- Temple of the Ramesseum built by ”Ramses II” as a funerary temple in 1304-1207 B.C and was dedicated to the god Ra. It is located on the west bank of the ”Nile River” at Luxor in Upper Egypt. Many other Kings have superimposed monuments in the ”Ramesseum” such as Mernptah and Ramses III.

Temple of Ramesseum

The eastern pylon of the temple was the main entrance and was once decorated with scenes of the battle of ”Kadesh”. On the right wing of the pylon will find inscriptions that represent the 118 cities that ”Ramses III” conquered during his military campaigns as well as will also see scenes of prisoners taken to the king.

Temple of Ramesseum

On the left wing there are scenes of the famous battle between ”Ramses II” and the Hittites. After that will proceed onto the first open courtyard, where we will see many statues.

In the great hypostyle hall, there are 29 columns that are still standing as well as temple, built by ”Seti I” and dedicated to the ”God Amon Ra”.

Temple of Ramesseum

There is another small hypostyle hall that once had 8 papyrus bud columns hall of astronomy is located, the hall is decorated with scenes of the offering and scenes of the sacred boat of Amon Ra.

On the western wall we will see ”Ramses II” sitting under the tree of life.

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