South Koreans Optimistic about Second Summit

By: Menna Seliem

CAIRO, Feb. 11 (SEE)- According to the public opinion poll which was published today, 6 of 10 South Koreans are expecting positive results for the second summit between the American president Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jongun.

Yonhab, the Korean news agency published that this poll carried out by the Korean agency Real Meter on 501 adults from whole the country on 8th February. 62.5% said the second South Korean-American summit will achieve great goals like finding solutions for North Korean nuclear issues.

Yonhab News Agency

35.1% person expressed their negative opinion, saying this summit could weaken the alliance between South Korea and USA without reaching to any realistic results on nuclear disarmaments. The rest 2.4% did not give any specific answers.

The Korean agency Real Meter said that the optimistic view is widely spread among the supporters of liberal, moderate, and political parties in every region in the country. But the older people were excluded from the spread of the optimistic view.

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