Discover 2 Famous Rich Desserts in Egypt during Ramadan

They are regarded as the “most important desserts” during Ramadan. Both puddings have been common in palaces, and at all times.
They have special tastes in Ramadan, despite the fact that they are available all year long.
They have history dating back to a thousand years.
 Traditional Qunafa..up to thousand years
Traditional back to thousand years
They have a special place in “kings’ palaces”, where poets wrote and recited their poems.
Both desserts have been main dishes on monarchs’ and rulers’ table for a long time.
Both desserts represent symbols of justice as they unify the rich and the poor.
Both sweet courses have charming colors inspiring admiration.
Egyptians have been obsessed with both puddings for a long time.
Purchasers always queue in order to grab both pudddings while their mouths are watering.
The two go in a preparation trip across time on hand-made ovens, giving in to the acts of time and inventions, sparkling a competition annually in new great shapes.
The delicacies are  like twins found everywhere during Ramadan,
They are Qunafa and Qatayef
There are several stories about how they appeared in the Levant and Egypt. It was said that Qunafah came first in the Levant when its community presented it to Muawiya Ibn Abi Sufyan, who was appointed as the Governor of Syria. One day when Muawiyah complained to a doctor that he felt hungry in Ramadan daytime, the doctor advised him to have Qunafah which will relieve his hunger. Hence, it was called Muawiya’s Qunafah.
Modern kanafa creations
Modern  Qunafah  creations
Another narration comes from Islamic history teachers who attributed Qunafah to the Fatimid state in Egypt. The story says Egyptians knew Qunafah before the Levant people. It also says that they received the first Caliph of the Fatimid state in Cairo with their familiar Qunafah.
On the other hand, Qatayef’s story had also some disputes. It is said that it dates back to the Fatimid era. Cookers were in competition to prepare special food in Ramadan. Qatayef was one of the dishes that were prepared. It was prepared well with nuts and fancied by visitors, thanks to its special taste.
Man-made ovens to Machines.
Qatayef date back to the Fatimid
Qatayef dates back to the Fatimid era
Those who used to prepared Qunafah and Qatayef started the process in a primitive and traditional way about one thousand years ago. Despite the long history, it is still one of the Ramadan traditions. Its preparation always starts by building ovens along roads and rolling it for 30 days till the holy month ends.
Qatayef has along history
Qatayef has a long history

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