Min. of Environment Leads Bicycle Race at Sharm El- Sheikh

By:Maha Omran

CAIRO, Nov. 26 (SEE) – Minister of Environment Dr. Yasmin Fouad led a bicycle race at Sharm El- Sheikh city on the sideline of the 14 conventions on Biodiversity conference of the parties, which is currently held at the city (Nov. 17-29).
The race, which is a symbol of coping with nature, started from ‘Suhu’ square until ‘Peace Garden’, an area of 8 km, and attended by large number of participants from different nationalities.

Dr. Fouad affirmed that the race comes as a part of the ministry’s events which aim at preserving environment and natural resources in addition to diminishing rate of pollution as well as raising the public awareness of issues such as climate change and its impact on biodiversity.
She noted that the use of bicycles is about changing the environmentally unfriendly traditions, as well as trying to find alternatives that would preserve the natural elements. “CO2 is especially produced from cars and increase the global warming which in turn affects the climate and leads to negative implications on biodiversity.. Therefore bikes would be a good alternative” she explained.

The Minister stressed that this event is a message to all participants about the necessity of coping with the environment in a positive way so that people can avoid the risks expected for the next generations because of the unfriendly practices toward the environment.


Translator: YasmineELSayed





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