Egypt Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 Discussed at GUC

By: Wafaa Fayez

CAIRO, Mar. 14 (SEE)- The Faculty of Management Technology at the German University in Cairo organized a workshop entitled “Strategy for Sustainable Development Egypt Vision 2030” in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning.

This was announced by Dr. Noha al-Bassiouni, head of the marketing department at the college and the organization for the work of the meeting.

Dr. Huwaida Barakat, Head of the Sustainable Development Unit of the Ministry, referred to the role of the Ministry in the process of updating Egypt’s sustainable development strategy 2030 and keeping pace with the changes that have taken place in the Egyptian economy after the government implemented the economic reform program.

Also, to ensure that the strategy is in line with both the goals of sustainable development, the 2030 Agenda and the 2063 Africa Agenda, as Egypt regains its leadership in African countries. Barakat said that during the strategy update, the ministry was keen to be implementable

The workshop recommended the importance of creating opportunities for communication between universities and civil society institutions with the Ministry of Planning and decision makers in order to achieve the sustainable development of Egypt from the environmental, economic and social perspective.

Dr. Ihab Kamel Abulkhair, Dean of the Faculty of Management Technology, Vice President for Student Affairs, Ehab Yassin, Vice Dean of Student Affairs and a number of faculty members participated in the workshop.

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