From Pharaohs to Modern State.. Egyptian Army’s Heroic Stories


On the occasion of Sinai Liberation Day which falls on April 25th, here are the Egyptian army’s heroic stories over the centuries.

After deciphering the ancient Egyptian language, Egyptian army’s great history was revealed and Egyptian militants were proved to be brave and firm enough to protect their land in both peace and war times.

Ancient Egyptian Army
During Pharaohnic era, the Egyptian army didn’t include any foreigners but Egyptians only; as the military service was mandatory for all residents.


During the building of the pyramids, there was a forced conscription for all Egyptians to participate in internal wars using primitive weapons besides construction work in time of flood.

After that, there were full-time fighters who had uniform, unified armament and more advanced weapons.

Brave Fighter

On temples and tombs’ walls, the ancient Egyptian fighters recorded their victories and were embodied while wearing battledresses and helmets over their heads.

Inscriptions show that fighters always had great postures while holding weapons like swords, spears, arrows, and bows.

They have been involved in a number of wars to protect their lands, but on the other hand, they were also seeking peace and that was apparently revealed in the first peace treaty signed by the pharaohs.

Ancient Kings’ Victories
During the rule of King Ramses II, Egyptians fought the Hittite forces at the Battle of Kadesh and the Egyptian side agreed upon signing the first peace treaty in the history.

King Ramses II also led a series of wars against the Romans and the Greeks.

On his part, King Ramses III managed, with the help of the Egyptian army, to triumph over the Mediterranean people.

Other great role models in the ancient history were King Seqenenre who led the liberation war and his followers Kings Ahmos and kamoes who triumphed over the Hyksos.

Furthermore, King Tuthmosis III triumphed over the kingdom of Mitanni and built the oldest empire in the history, that’s why he was called “Father of Empires”.

He was a good fighter whose military plans are being taught in several faculties and military institutions worldwide.

Peace, War Times Over Centuries

History has repeated itself when the late Egyptian president Anwar El-Sadat ousted the Israelis from Egypt; as hundreds of years ago, King Merneptah did the same thing.

On the side of peace times, King Ramses II signed the first peace treaty in the history “Kadesh” with the Hittite’s King Motaly II in 1258.

This treaty was based on King Motaly II’s request to make peace with the pharaohs.

This first-of-its-kind peace treaty’s text was carved on a silver board in Hittite language and it was also carved on walls of both Karnak and Ramesseum temples in hieroglyphic language.

Furthermore, there’s an exact replica for “Kadesh” treaty at the United Nations headquarter and another copy displayed in a museum at Istanbul.

Stories of the army in this battle are displayed on walls in the entrance of both Temples of Luxor and Abu Simbel.

Its worth mentioning that “Kadesh” is an ancient Syrian archaeological city.

In the modern era, a similar peace treaty called “Camp David” signed between Egypt and Israel.

Contributed by Salma Yassin

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