Throne Hall of Ramses II Discovered Untouched

By: Ali Abu Dshesh:

CAIRO, Oct. 25 (SEE) –  The archeological mission affiliated to Ain Shams University, which works at Arab Elhesn area at Matariyya neighbourhood, announced the discovery of the throne hall for King Ramses II, untouched.

The discovery which is led by Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty came during excavation work at the Arab Elhesn area, as a continuation of a previous phase of excavations in last March- April.

This time, the excavations revealed the borders of the pharaonic hall by locating the exact doors leading to it.

Dr. Eldamaty said: “This discovery is very significant as it is a unique throne hall which dates back to the modern state era, beside ‘Ra’ temple at Ain Shams.”

He added that in that hall the king had seated during his inauguration anniversaries known then as “Heb Sed”. “Perhaps this hall was used by all the rulers affiliated to that family,” he noted.  

Another discoveries at the same area included brick walls, where there was a large storage jar of pottery expected to be in its original location from the third transition era, which indicates that the place was used to supply the temple with its grain needs.

Dr. Eldamaty said that the mission discovered different antique pieces including pottery and some stone blocks with hieroglyphic inscriptions engraved on one of them the cartouche of King Ramses III.

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