“Elegant Egypt”.. Open Invitation for Bengalis

CAIRO, Oct. 30 (SEE) – Embassy of Egypt to Bangladesh announced yesterday the launching of a campaign under the title “Elegant Egypt -A world of wonder beyond the Pyramids” to promote Egyptian tourism in that Asian state.

According to the embassy’s official announcement posted on its facebook account, that is the second campaign it launches with this aim. “This time with more partners (Standard Chartered Bank, Gulf Air and The Daily Star),” the announcement stated.
According to the embassy, the numbers of Bangladeshi tourists traveling to Egypt have doubled in the last 3 years.

The Egyptian Ambassador Walid Ahmed Shams hosted a reception at his residence in Dhaka to announce the launching with a group of distinguished public figures among the attendees.

He stated that the significance of this campaign is derived from the fact that many among the Bengali people already knew Egypt through studying at Al-Azhar.

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