Egypt Partakes in ITB Berlin with New Technologies

By Hassan El-Khawaga

CAIRO, March 5 (SEE) – Tourism Minister Rania Al Mashat left Cairo on Tuesday to Berlin, heading a tourist delegation from the public and private sector to partake in the Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin (ITB Berlin).

The event will begin on Wednesday till March 10.

In this regard, Mashat said: “The Egyptian pavilion in ITB Berlin had been equipped by new modern technology which gives an opportunity to see the tourist destinations in Egypt as a part of “Branding by Destination” campaign which the Tourism Ministry launched.”

“Also, another new thing will be witnessed during the event which is putting the slogan of the ministry’s campaign on opening the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) on ITB Berlin tickets,” the minister pointed out, adding that giant banners of GEM 2020 are being placed in Berlin streets to attract everyone’s attention to the inauguration of the biggest museum in the world.

A 3D hologram of the golden mask and throne of Tutankhamun will be also shown during the gathering.

For the first time, Egyptian youth from the expats and students in Germany will partake in the event to receive the visitors of their country’s pavilion as they will represent Egypt’s ambassadors there. The ministry plans to generalize this idea during its participation in the international fairs.

The visitors will enjoy exploring the depths of the Red Sea through virtual reality experience and 3D glasses as well as screening 360-degree videos about Sinai Trail which is the first long walk in Egypt passes through Mount St. Catherine.

The pavilion will include King Ramsis II through holographic augmented reality technology.

Mashat also stated that Egypt’s participation in such great events mainly is based on the quality, not quantity by showing Egypt’s image in a modern and competitive way, adding a series of meetings will be held during ITB Berlin.

The 1172-meter square pavilion includes 100 participants, including 35 tour operators, 59 hotels, EgyptAir, Air Cairo, and the Egyptian Tourism Federation.

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