Claudio Potzani Participates in 2019’s Cairo Book Fair

By Nour ELHoda Fouad, Menna Seliem

CAIRO, Jan. 27 (SEE) – The Italian poet Claudio Potzani attended a seminar at Tharwat Okasha hall in the third day of book fair and festival.

Claudio emphasized that Book fairs and festivals, all these occasions to present poetry, novel writers are very important as the first line of defense against “Only to have not to be” kind of thinking.

He thinks that through poetry, arts, and culture human beings can defend themselves against brain damage. He also added, “Though my participation to their festival and my festival, I have always met a lot of poets and got new friends, and also other writers in the Arabic language”.

He also complimented Cairo International Book Fair by saying “In particular, since a lot of time I heard about it as one of the most important in the Arab world”.

 When he was asked about his definition of art, Claudio answered, “Art is something that makes a growing smile not only on our lips but also in our brain and soul”.

Furthermore, he complimented the Arabic language as for him it’s one of the languages that are more poetical and if he would think poetry he would think and also write poetry in Arabic.

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