Bluefin Tuna Hatchery Project in Mersa Matrouh Nears Completion

By: Mohamed Wadie, Norhan Mahmoud

CAIRO, Mar. 12 (SEE)- The Bluefin Tuna hatchery project based at Egypt’s north coastal area of Jarjob, Mersa Matrouh is nearing launching.

“Egypt’s fish farming sector is advancing at a pace much faster than other fisheries activities,” said Mohamed Abdel Halim, the project’s managing director.

Yet, Egypt’s fisheries sector output withstands plunging rates due to depleting stocks and technical hindrances.

Abdel Halim explained that this decline is forecast to continue or production rates will stabilize, unless stringent measures are put into effect to sustain the sector.

“The project utilizes modern technology as well as the expertise of Germany’s Tuna Tech. Company to cultivate 60kgs migrating fish.”

During spring and summer, bluefin tuna migrate from Atlantic waters to warm seas, including the Mediterranean, for breeding and laying eggs.

The Project’s Consultant Dr. Azza Al-Janaini, Professor of Fisheries at the Institute of Marine Sciences, said that the project respects the environmental standards adopted by international agreements.

“Especially, the Barcelona Convention, which was signed for the protection of the marine environment and the coastal zone of the Mediterranean in 1976,” added Al-Janaini.

This laid the foundation for cooperation between the countries of the Mediterranean basin in protecting the sea from pollution from various land and marine sources.

The agreement and its protocols provide the possibility of monitoring and joint control between countries of the Mediterranean basin. It also requires proposing solutions. This is carried out by a number of regional duty stations along the Mediterranean.

The project is being intensively implemented by the “National Fisheries and Aquaculture Corporation” of the Armed Forces.

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