AUC Adopts New Initiative to Solve Challenges in Middle East

The American University in Cairo AUC launched “Looking forward to the Middle East’s future” initiative to determine the challenges and opportunities that are currently faced by the Arab world and the Middle East. The plan is going to be implemented over 3 years.

The initiative is in line with the university’s 100th anniversary celebrations.
Challenges are going to be observed through 4 stages at the social, economic, political and security levels.
The initiative’s program includes number of workshops, panel discussions and conferences.
On his part, Nabil Fahmy, the dean of AUC’s School of Global Affairs, stated that this initiative wouldn’t affect decision making process, but would promote a community dialogue with experts in different sectors to guarantee better future for next generations.
“Countries in the Middle East witnessed so many dramatic changes, now we all stand at a crossroad and we need a clear plan for the future,” he added.
In the same context, AUC President Francis J. Ricciardone confirmed that the university always seeks to solving as much problems as possible in order to pave roads for the coming generations
“During this century, AUC will be focusing on international experiences, offer scholarships to support distinctive students, innovation and the future vision of the Middle East and north of Africa,” he added.
Ricciardone clarified that the AUC has played a major role in solving the national and regional challenges over the past years and now it continues to upgrade its vision.
Contributed by Salma Yassin

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